Grindal Worm / White Worm Starter Cultures

Covered by our no quibble replacement policy.  

You will receive:-

- A handful of growth compost

- Over 100 worms

- A sample of our White Worm / Grindal Worm food

- Full instructions as to how to grow-on and harvest your worms

Other equipment you  will require:-

- A plastic delicatessen container around 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (LxWxH)

- Porridge oats or our Grindal Worm / White Worm Food

- A clear CD case 10cm x 10cm

- A small bag of garden peat

- A small aged bag of purchased horse manure

These cultures once mature, are capable of supplying your

aquarium or fish room with a never ending supply of very nutritious live food.  

Give your cultures a “kick start!” by choosing to mature them using

our Grindal Worm and White Worm feed.