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click on image to see description

click on image to see description

Dendrobaena veneta - Superior Live Bait Worms, also Reptile, Amphibian, Bird and Fish Food

Live Dendrobaena Worms

Large, Medium & small

Earthworm Groundbait

Earthworm Groundbait Dendrobaena Worms

Ideal for worm and caster

Betaine Green Groundbait

Betaine Green Groundbait

Amino acid stimulation using koi technology

Micro Worm, Walter Worm, Banana Worm Cultures for Feeding Fish Fry

Nematode Worm Starter Cultures

Micro-worm, Banana-worm & Walter-worm

Worm Casts / Castings - Ultra High Pure / Purity Plant Compost Packed Full of Plant Nutrients

Ultra-high purity worm castings

The richest form of plant fertilizer

Makes a potent form of plant


Superior quality

White Worm and Grindal Worm Food for Kick-Starting your Cultures

Whiteworm / Grindalworm Food   

Kick-start! your cultures  

Balanced worm diet

Earthworm Worm Food for Dendrobaena veneta and Worms for Composting

Balanced Earthworm Diet

Nutritious for weight gain and breeding Cultures

White Worm and Grindal Worm Cultures for Feeding Tropical Aquarium Fish

White Worm                 Grindal Worm  

Starter                                   Cultures